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PK Mechanical LLC is a highly motivated Mechanical company that performs well in the diversified market needed today. Our main emphasis being in the FDA/USDA market requirements, Automation systems and Boiler/ Pressure vessel services.

PK Mechanical worked in a partnership installing a production line in Metalsa for the New Jeep truck being built in 2019. After months of work completion is near complete.

Coca Cola

Installation of Water Treatment Plants in multiple States.

  • Setting of holding tanks, treatment skids, pumps and associated piping.
  • Shop fabricate and field install all Stainless piping including Caustic, Phosphorus, PH and process. Fab and install lift station trash screens with trolley systems.
  • Install submersible lift pumps and piping.
  • Bend instrumentation tubing from PLC to control valves, readers and wash stations.
  • Insulation of required piping.
  • Erection of canopies and frame work.
  • Installation and alignment of agitators and mixers
TransCanada Booster Station

 Work Included:

  1. Replace Stainless tubing on engine lube systems.
  2. Drill-tap and install tubing tracks along engines and compressors.
  3. Bend and install tubing to engine components.
Swedish Match

FDA Regulated Facility – Continued Improvements

  • Fabricate and install stainless steel process piping.
  • Replace/repair building columns. Wrap columns with stainless steel cladding and seal weld to prevent moisture intrusion to carbon beam.
  • Design and fabricate stainless steel guard rails, catwalks and handrails to replace the existing carbon steel.
  • Design and fabricate conveyor drip pans of stainless steel to capture moisture from belts.
  • Wrap/Clad bar joists above open conveyors to eliminate containments to open products.
  • Replace galvanized/cast iron roof drains and vent piping with PVC materials.
  • Replace carbon steel man doors, speed roll up doors, frames and jams with Stainless Steel units.
  • Installation of bag house/ dust collector. All materials stainless alloy, explosion ducting, process piping and mobile collector support.
Purdue Farms

 USDA Regulated Facility

  • Installation of an Exhaust Heat Recovery unit and miscellaneous piping sourced by a Methane generator unit. Piping includes exhaust, supplies and bypass piping. Source for a closed loop water system to provide heating within the plant.
  • Installation of an Ozone water treatment system. Install a PVC water loop to supply treated water.
  • Replace a 2000 MBTU/hr. Hot water boiler, process piping and flue work.
  • Rebuild actuated valves in process piping ranging from 4” -30”.
Big River Wilson Station

Shut Down Services

  • Repaired fan housing access doors and bolting.
  • Installed new 6”weld in gate valves.
  • Replaced 6” flanged in butterfly valves.
  • Replaced misc. worn butt weld 90 elbows with new.
  • Repaired leaking copper water piping.
Dart Polymers Resin Plant
  • Install a new hot oil boiler, Jacketed wall polymer hot oil piping.
  • Perform Repairs or Alterations to air receivers & collection tanks.
  • Install new Nitrogen compressors and piping.
  • Repair steam coil jackets on mixing reactors.
  • Install additional support arms to the interior of pressure vessels for mixing application.
  • Repair pass through and U-Tube style heat exchangers.
  • Fabricate and install mezzanine steel beams to replace existing.
  • Fabricate and install Steam piping, process piping and hydraulics.
  • Perform UT and PT on heating coils and miscellaneous piping for fatigue determination.
  • Install air receivers and piping for plant consumption.
  • Install Nitrogen separators/compressors and piping for plant usage.
Aleris Aluminum Plant
  • Performed UT and PT to mill water system to determine the condition of piping. Generated a findings report for bid package.
  • Replace PVC process piping with Stainless Steel.
  • Replace Mill water piping with new carbon materials.
  • Repair fire doors, tracks and duct work on dryer paint line.
Metalsa Structural Plant
  • Purchase and installation of Frame transfer conveyor to E-Coat furnace.
  • Repair 10,000 Gal. stainless ECoat tanks. Elevate tanks to repair structural members within the tank.
  • Installation of Hydraulic piping. Swagelok, bent tubing and welded pipe.
  • Material handling services. Fabricate and install working platforms with roller bed conveyors to distribute parts bins.
  • Installation of Automation Cells for line production.
  • Repairs to VAH/Air handlers. Cleaning, general repairs and coil replacements.
  • Fabricate and install Chill water piping. Shop fabricated welded.
  • Installation of gas mixers. Copper pipe, brazed fitting loop throughout the plant for weld stations.
  • Fabricate and install Victaulic roll groove piping for new air dryers.
  • Install smoke collection and Spot cooling duct from spiral wound and K&B clamp together.
  • Fabricate, blast/paint and install mezzanine, handrails and access ladders.
Johnson Controls, Inc.
  • Perform Repairs to ASME York Ammonia Chillers.
  • Modify controls and mounting brackets to chillers